Mirror Lake


Design development - Constructed
Studio: Landmark Studio

Water is the key agent of our design for this new development in China, generating a reflection performance. 
Designing interlocking rooms, which create an intimate place in the landscape, our design aims to collect rainwater to create reflection pool and illusions. Sex pavillons host different activities for the local community, allowing the appropriation of space: swings, small coutiard gardens, sunken plazas and arboretum.

Challenging the climate of Shanghai, with heavy rainfalls, the landscape collect water and create unexpected reflections, with water planting to clean and purifying the ponds.
The most poetic lieu, the Arboretum, reflects the bonsai with a interlocking system of mirrored bricks, to break and multiply the visions.

Mirro Lake use the sponge city concept and adapt it to a poetical vision of landscape.

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