Five Cail Babcock


Competition: Lille Design for Change
Professor: Giovanna Piccinno 
Team: Alice Maffi, Cristina Morbi

This project is generated by the plates of two different origins: the hardscape impossible life, and the softscape possible life. The plates will take over the entire site, and create surfaces and plates for the interaction with people.

The main point of the industrial heritage are not only the open space but also the glass sheld roof, so we will divide the plates into life-possible plates, where the light arrives with a 45° angle, with a spontaneus plates garden where nature will take over, and areas where the natural light doesn’t arrive, will be artificially lighten and will be the relation and activity plates. The old track become a path that support the cultural promenade in the past of the industrial productive area, going in the depth of the heart og the site.

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